Thursday, 4 March 2010

Kukki's home

After a day out with Kukki showing us all Bundi and the palace and tombs, shrines and all sorts. He invited us round to his home where is family had made us chai and potato dish and sweet carrot. I signed his visitors book and drew a quick sketch of him and his rock paintings. A few days later he took me and Mira to see the real rock paintings. At this stage I couldn't believe I was going as I had never seen rock paintings before.

Spear head kukki had found, he has also found early stone spear heads.

Funny to see he had found so many ancient beads. I had spent so much time with Anand in Mumbai looking for bead so this size for the eyes of my claymation models, we didn't find any and I had to make some smaller ones bigger.

Kukki showing us sparks made with a rock and shell like stone.

Showing other ancient carvings.

Beads these would have really weighed the Lady's down.

maybe things for stamping.

This is a camel head which would have maybe had a soft body and be a child's toy.

His large collection of fossils and rocks.


Rock painting demonstration with the pigment rock they use. A simple line rock painting is an earlier painting 10,000 years before they filled in the painting.

The variety of colours from different rocks.

He gave me a few bits of pigment, so I can now try and mix them and make a fresco Italian style painting.

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