Sunday, 7 March 2010

Topa village and people

Me dancing to traditional music at the village gathering. Photo taken by Anand from the roof top.

Cooker made by the women in the village.

Roast chickpeas made by the village chief as a snack before our dinner.

Bread in ball shapes being cooked on the open fire, dried out cow dung is used for fire fuel. The bread is then put in the ashes and cooked more. When cooked, ashes are wiped off and it is broken up and oil is put all over the bread, before its served. Yummy!

Giant pan that was especially bought for our arrival. This has a special sweet in it that is eaten before the meal.

Girl taking her goats for a walk.

Children playing near wheat crop.

Flicking marbles.

Children's hands.

Cow dung which is used for everything, fertilizer, fuel and building houses. It is collected up with straw every morning and made into this shape.

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Mars Drum said...

So good to see india again, like this, through your eyes...makes me remember why that crazy country makes so much sense... wish there was a video of yer trad Indian dancing...