Monday, 8 March 2010


A post box in Bundi. Unfortunately I did not find any postcards to send, but imagine the photos of Bundi I have taken are the cards I posted to you I put in this post box.
I like this postbox because it shows there is trust in the community. The postbox's in the UK are built like a castle to stop people stealing the mail.

Pre-T-shirt this is a cotton shop and the lady is putting them in a machine. The air was so filled with cotton fluff the photo barely came out. Just to put a depressing point about the clothing industry, nearly all people who make clothes die of cancer from the tiny particles that float in the air, even in the sewing houses and also the coloured dyes used for printing. When I was screening printing at art college the teacher use to bleach are hands so the dye would not give us cancer. So next time you buy a piece of clothes find one with natural dyes and natural fibres. There is some great new natural fibre fabrics made out of bamboo, which do not need pesticides in the growing process.

The puppet Queen at the palace. The palace is filled with stone carvings and paintings.

Boy waiting with his mother at the ironing shop.

View of Bundi from the roof top at the palace. The houses are painted blue to keep away mosquitoes.

Monkey at the tombs. This was taken dangerously close.

Tombs made of marble carved with beautiful pictures.

The Queen inside her Palace.

Gutters at the side of buildings that everything gets thrown into. One would hope that one day they would start composting or feed vegetable waste straight to the cows and goats.

Entrance gates to the palace.

Paintings on walls of the streets in Bundi.

Music shop for the brass bands that play at the weddings.

Tailor doing his ironing.

The entrance to the tailor shop.

Shop in front of music shop.

Shrine at the police station, police station is painted pink not much use for police in this town because everyone is happy.

Two happy children playing outside a shop.

Two more happy children. There is a smelly men's toilet in the background.

Standing on a roof top looking down.

Washing from the roof top.

The peeping-through window.

Stall holders cart.

This cow must belong to this house as its horns are painted the same green.

Clothes shop at the entrance to the palace wall. I bought a little outfit that might fit a puppet.

Mr Kippling's house the author of Jungle book. His house looks out over a large lake.

Elephant painting.

Monkey business.

The milkman and the brass band getting ready to play.

Vegetable stall holders sit on their stalls.

Painting in the hotel which was jam packed full of paintings.

Peeping girl through window.

Cow saying Hello.

Silver maker shop.

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