Monday, 29 March 2010

Protest against Uranium mining!

Were not on the planet for long and why should we mess it up while we are here. Uranium mining is happening in Australia and just like war nobody wants it, apart from two people who started it. For thousands of years the Australians have past down through word of mouth not to dig up Uranium and then the Europeans come along and don't listen and dig it up. As seen in the this video link the uranium is taken by public transport on the train to several locations. It will also be taken by boat to the rest of the world. No one on the planet wants a passing train of uranium.
There are alternatives to Uranium and there is a electric company doing something about it called ecotricty. If you have any great alternative ways of creating electric that you might have thought of while doing daily chores, don't hold them back. Tell ecotricty who are investing in these ideas.

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