Friday, 5 March 2010

Rock Paintings near Bundi

View from on top of the cliff, the green is the jungle below.

On top of a large rock below it is a rock painting. Photo taken by Kukki who would make a great film director.

On my way to finding 20 thousand year old rock paintings with Kukki who found them in 2003. This is a tree with Monkeys in. There is no one living in this area so monkeys live in there natural habitat.

A beautiful waterfall, if I had another day there I would have climbed down there and had a swim it looked very tempting on such a hot day. This is winter so imagine the area would be greener and there would be more water after some rain.

Kukki showing telling us the history of the area and how he spent his entire life looking for these rock paintings. While looking for them by on foot he made friends with people in a 60 mile radius of Bundi and discovered lots of other beautiful areas of beauty.

Me and Kukki with his rock paintings in a cave down the side of a cliff. The paintings have been preserved by a natural layer on them. He says there would be more all over the area but they would got washed away with time and the rock also disintegrates.

A very good painting considering it was done so long ago.

A view of the whole rock painting. If you live in India or you are visiting India please do go and visit Bundi and ask Kukki to take you on a tour of all the amazing places. 

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