Saturday, 6 March 2010

Topa village people and Bundi India

A taxi passing on the road to the Topa tribe.

The front of the amazing taxi, which looked like a large insect.

Child in the Topa village with a wheat crop.

Cows disrupting a good game of marbles.

Girl collecting water from the pump. This was early in the morning I was have a wander around and this family invited me into there home.

Children of the Topa tribe. The children liked me because I seem to be good at Mime and so it was easy to communicate. They followed me all over the village and wanted to see every photo I had taken. Very happy and smart kids with lots of freedom to run around the countryside.

This is me taking over the role as tribe chief. His turban was very colourful and light on the head to wear.

My New Indian wife who danced with me the night before at the music evening under the stars.

Bundi village the wife was very shy.

Chickpeas one or two peas to a pod. I ate them raw and fed the village goats. One goat caught me unaware and pulled at my chickpea plant. I thought I was being mugged.

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