Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Train from Mumbai to Bundi

Life away from life photography trip to Bundi. Sitting here is some of the photographers that came on the trip. It is the morning and we have all woken up from sleeping in the sleeper carriage on these bunk beds. There is 8 beds to a section. The two men near the window are not in the photography group they work for the ministry of health. The guy in the red shirt is playing with a Psi game and is a symbol to human health today and looks no different to an NHS worker. Charades is a favourite game in India. With my lack of knowledge of Bollywood films I decided to play with my camera instead.

My carriage of beds and fans. If was nice that there was water from the sink at the end. So I could have a wash in the morning.

This is the train stopping at a signal light, a kind gentleman helped me off and on the train so I could take photographs. Which was very exciting. The Man running has just delivered a bit of bush to a lover in a window further down the train. I got told off for jumping off the train by my group, as the trains do not always go by the signal lights and it could have taken off before it turned green and left me stranded in the middle of India with no belongings.

I should have read this sign before I jumped off the train. Safety is up to the individual. Traveling at high speed with the door open is up to you whether you want to stay on the train while it is moving. It felt like being on a sailing boat and made it more fun. I did enjoy being away from Britain's boring Nanny state where you cant do anything because of health and safety laws. My host thought I was going to be abducted, mugged, raped, run over or lost pretty much most of the time, so kept a watchful eye on me. I tried to think back to when I have actually been lost in my life and it was when I was three years old and my mother lost me in Dublin city centre. I was picked up by a lady who looked after me till I was found. I also got lost in the mangroves in the Australian rainforest's at sunset. Which is a very bad time to be lost as the crocodiles come out and the tide comes in from the sea. I soon heard the sound of electric generator that started up and found my way out. Since then I have had training in the Tasmanian forest when I was staying in my friends tree house, to find my way through the Forrest in the dark. Bark on the trees is like Braille and you can feel the bark and memorize with your fingers. Feet have eyes too and you can use your bare feet to judge the ground.

A train sink.

If only people put there rubbish in the bin, where they are provided. I do like old trains they have more character and they have a rhythm which is could for composing music and poetry.

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