Sunday, 13 July 2014

Sketch back Sunday week 5

Here is a sketch looks like it could be biro on paper of Kath Ellis and Hugh Coffey from the band Hubris or now called Kathellism at Alpha house gallery in Newtown Sydney in June 1996 one of the very few sketches I have from Sydney days. I followed Kath's band the most but draw an awful lot of bands in Sydney at the time.

Another one of the same time of a drummer Newtown Sydney.

Now this is a rare sketch made by Kath Ellis in Newtown in a bar. Kath's work was jewellery style wire work. We worked on amazing art projects together for 7 years and took on challenging enormous projects because we worked so well together. We didn't really have any direction other then to say yes to every art job. Which reached a cut off point of having to say no eventually. 

Madam Lash at Palm Beach in Sydney. I went to visit Gretel Pilinger as I had a special invite we got on very well. I think I stayed for about a week. I had plans with Moira to create a Good ship lolly that went round the coast of Australia and children decided the course of the ship via the internet as well as decided which celebraties should go on board the ship and the ship would deliver christmas presents to remote communities. Far to early an idea for that time. We actually managed to secure a ship and funding but the internet was not on everyones table in the 1990's. Lash painted 4-D while I sat and drew her. She worked away every hour of the day and I never saw her away from her paintings.

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