Monday, 14 July 2014

New Views Norfolk 2

My work is now in The Gallery in Cromer and in a new exhibition New Views Norfolk 2. 
Here is two of my paintings framed by Polly at The Gallery. They are drawn on the beach in Cromer only recently. I also have a selection of mounted pictures. As seen on i-witness by Archant news here.

My parents went to the show as they only live up the road from the gallery. I used there beach hut while I was painting the beach views.

Jim O'Hare is a fan of Paul Brommers work which is also displayed in the exhibition.

Here I am with my two paintings on the wall. One is of a fishing boat and tractor and the other is of the pier on the other side which rarely gets painted. 

The Private view filled out with people and there families.

Here is Granny Marian O'Hare with her grandson Malachy 

The Gallery has a great range of works from ceramics to sculpture to prints and oil paintings. Living and dead artists work.

The work is mostly of the Cromer area which is in North Norfolk in England. 

My work is painted in dip ink pen and watercolour

The outside of the gallery which is an amazing looking building in Cromer

Looking in the window at the art

Catherine Metcalf works at the gallery and helps hang, frame and sell the art. 

The gallery tattoo

The exhibition is on till the 2nd August 2014

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