Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Secret Garden Party life drawing sketches 2011

At the Secret garden party, my Auntie Alex and I went straight for the nude life drawing big top.
It was all a new experience, the public life drawing. We squeezed in and found a spot. There were boards and paper, pens, charcoal for anyone to join in.

The models followed orders from the teacher, of positions to stand or sit in. There were a lot of quick poses. This one is shapes

This one above is several movements on one page.

Squiggly opposite hand.

Nude in the Darkness

Quickly not looking at page

The male model from the S and Empathy tent next door, he had been busy giving people electric shocks, before modelling for us.

Posing on the Chaise-long.

Late at night we went to the nude life drawing tent and there was live music and models.

The other hand not looking.

The picture before the class started of model waiting on a chaise long chair.

Pen and ink pen.

Just sold this picture to my friend Sally. Secret garden party sketches are getting more views then any of my other work. 

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Karl Somers said...

Jeese these drawings are really great, hope your keeping well eloise.