Sunday, 7 August 2011

Secret garden party sketches 2011

Some of these drawings are on sale at St.Margaret's art church on St.Benedict's street in Norwich.
Secret garden party, thanks to the Bowbeaubells band, I got in as an artist. I should really get my self a agent who can book me into festivals, but who needs an agent when I have cousins in show biz. I caught a train to my Auntie Alex's house then we drove into the depts of Huntington to try and find the Secret garden Party. It certainly is a secret as there were no signs anywhere for it. We drove on into an enormous field of cars that were growing in the hot sun. Luckily I brought my Granny trolley and Alex took her golfing trolley. We loaded up and went on in. As we looked like a pair of old sober Granny's they let us through the bag search. We were met by Alex's friends who helped us with bags and then we put up our giant tent and then went out for coffees made by a wooden coffee machine. I love festivals that have new ethical inventions.

Through out the festival I carried my artist bag round on a trolley and sketched the performers. Martha Reeves and the Vandella's, were great performers and I got to stand right up the front on the railing. Using a bottle of ink in one hand and the pen in the other I dipped and scratched on paper. Due to the dark and large crowds I accidentally smudged the ink and got it everywhere. I got some brilliant sketches and all due to a great show the music was wild.

Putting down the ink, I have now opted for the old fashioned pencil.

Backing dancers were a hoot and they waved and blew kisses to me.

Very powerful performance from the ladies and all the musicians.

My friends had secured a spot at the top of the hill with a blanket on the grass and there was no telling there age they were all rocking out like in there teens again.

Martha's favourite drummer in the whole world.

This is my favourite sketch of Martha Reeves.

Earl Okin comedian playing on the main stage in the early afternoon, people were still asleep then

Then on came David Rodigan doing Raggae.

David Rodigan give me a signal.

Rumple the fool, performing near in the feast of fools open out door stage with a door. This was the first time I seem him since Byron bay markets 20 years ago in Australia. He has been living in Las Vegas, America. Driving around in a golden goose mobile and a Beetle lady bird being a fool and entertaining the rich, poor and famous.
Rumple the foolish kangaroo is going to perform, a record breaking 48 hour show at the European juggling convention 2011, in the Olympic Park in Munich.
Rumple and I performed together in a pop video called Dead Circus for Nick Freedman, filmed at the Silo's in Newtown, Sydney. I did the costumes as well, thankfully Rumple came as himself, fully costumed and talented.

This is a big Human catapult that shot someone across the lake.

After a while of technicals in red leotards, the catapult flung someone in the air attached to a car seat.

Dance off stage. People get up and have a dance off competition.

The Beaubowbells performed at the Soul fire restaurant at the festival, which is booked up months in advance. I raced to get there as soon as Blondie had finished, I found my roots were fully embedded into the side of a hill where I had been drawing a crowd scene and Blondie. I put my knitted alien mask back on and I carefully stood up with out falling over many teddy bears, rainbows and bees, I had stuck a battery powered spot light to my suitcase and wove my way down the hill and through the crowd that was looking out over the lake at the giant dragonfly that was burning and fireworks were going off. It was such a nice dragon fly, why burn it I asked myself, there is enough ciggy smoke in the air anyways. Lights were flashing past me and I went towards the big wheel. I saw everyone coming out of the restaurant tent to see the fireworks. Uncle Eddie went whizzing past with Woody the dog and then went into the restaurant, where he was refused entry because of the dog. Eddie tried to hide out the back with Woody away from the fireworks. I took my alien mask off went and had a coffee at the motorbike powered coffee machine and then snuck into the Sol fire tent and got Bertie to come out and see the doggy.
I found a suitable place at the side of the stage to draw and the Bowbeaubells went on straight away.
Evie on the right playing cello and her sister Bertie second one in from left.

more Beaubowbells at the Soul fire restaurant.

The right side of the Blondie Audience sketch drawing with dragonfly on the lake.

Blondie can you see her, she is behind the tree. I drew her whole audience, everyone was in crazy costumes and constantly milling about. This is the left side of the sketching drawing connecting to drawing above.

The never never land stage with the Bojangles playing with dancing cello.

Woody the wonder dog in the hippy healing area.

Bojangles with there dancing fiddles.

Blondie phoning up the audience for cheers of joy.

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