Wednesday, 26 September 2012

No cold calling stickers

This week Stop junk mail has released new "No Cold Calling" Stickers. To stop all the people who come to the house and knock at the door to invade your private space. My door knocker is really loud so when some one knocks at it, I jump out of my seat. Working from home and painting detailed pictures, the knock has a knock on effect and can ruin a weeks work.
The Sticker has had an amazing effect and stopped 99 percent of people who knock at the door apart from the odd one that slips through the net to claim that knocking at my door to talk about religion is not cold calling, which I reassure them it is.
I know what your thinking now it is the phone cold callers, that ring at 4.30pm everyday. This can be stopped too. The first thing is to ring your phone provider. Be warned they do that press 1 for this and 2 for that. Don't worry about that, just press any number and you will get through to someone who can take your name, number and address out of the phone directory. The paper phone directory's seem to end up overseas and in the hands of people who go through the numbers one by one to phone harass you and everyone in the directory. They usually use old directories so its best to opt out and become and ex-directory as soon as possible.
Then the next step is to call phone provider and get them to block all "With held numbers". Which will stop all the people from overseas trying to cold call you by phone. It is a good idea to let your friends know this, if they call you from there work place, which might have a with held number. This service costs extra on the bill by some phone providers.

Then the next step is to get number recognition on your home phone, so you can see who is calling by there number appearing, this also can cost extra on the phone by some phone providers.

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