Sunday, 23 September 2012

Bolt to Holt

A trip out to the countryside for some fresh air with Emma Jarvis. This is inside an amazing antique shop in Holt. Emma is holding up the magnificence magnifying glass.

Out side the antique shop in Holt even a Cromer crab tray in front of the union jack flag.

A cafe with some solid wooden stools and delicious pasty's.

For a small village they all drive these enormous 4 wheel drives. I wonder if they realise that they have legs and feet. 

Looking out of the cafe window at the rain which it looks the rain is on the inside.

Emma chilling out at the cafe

A broken drain pipe and a sign directing oil painters.

A photo taken by Emma of me trying the make them laugh film star technique.

A lady working in a window of another antique shop in Holt.

An early start to Christmas with this cute little shop.

Larner's shop in Holt has everything a household needs.

Including these fondants that would normally be seen in Fortnum and Masons sweet counter.

Time is ticking and its still raining

The apple yard in Holt where the Book shop lives.

Here in the window is a book published by "The Galley Beggar press" and is by a local author Simon Gough, his first book called "The White Goddess". The book is flying off the shelves like Mary Poppins's umbrellas in the London Olympic opening ceremony.

This a view of the book shop in Holt.

In this photo I have discovered another clock. This town really ticks with time.

A barrel of flowers loving the rain.

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