Sunday, 30 September 2012

Forest, field and sea walk

SSSSssssssSSSssssssssssrrrrrrrrrrrrrrriiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeking pit.
These wild shrieking pits are around North Norfolk and in working fields. A tall phantom ghost women wearing white clothes, comes out of the ground, around the pits.
Shrieking, moaning, wringing her hands, then looks into pit searching for her baby.
The story goes that her baby was murdered by her husband because he did not believe the baby was his baby and he thought she was having an affair and then after he murdered his own baby he murdered the baby's mother/wife. She apparently dates back to prehistoric times. 
Well this is a big reminder of how long domestic violence has been going on for. 

Chamomile weed seeded itself in a the mono farming wheat field. 

Wild Blackberry's in the hedgerow along side the wheat field.

Hay under the oak tree

"Anum berrys" also know as "Lords and Ladies" these berry's are red orange and extremely poisonous, the plant is like a Lilly and when the leaves and flower fall off it leaves these berry's. There very popular in English woodlands. However when the root of this plant is well roasted it becomes Salep which was drunk before tea or coffee was invented. Might be still a high risk of poisoning if not cooked right.

One very big lone rose hip

Robert in the dark wood.

Light flickering through the trees and leaving fractured light.

Old oak puffing out fluffy clouds.

Two bulls in a field 

Robert monkeying around

Ghost coastal train line there is more stations and line of track closed in Norfolk then is opened and a great deal of them were closed in the late 50's and 60's. If only they stayed open which would actually create more employment so people can get around the countryside. The train to Cromer from Norwich is also the same price as a pre-booked train to London and it sometimes is only one carriage long. Yet on the road to from Norwich to Cromer is a stream of cars, using enough fuel to fill a lake.

Robert strolling down to the beach, on the old crab fisherman's road.

The east coast erosion, a decision made by a "someone?" to let the coast go back to sea. The ever shrinking countryside.
Just straight across the sea, looking out from the east coast is the Netherlands, reclaiming the sea, keeping there heads above water. Like the Titanic were slowly sinking deeper then we feared.
should I move my folks house brick by brick further in land and the village shop, pub and church and all the villagers or maybe build a ship and abandon dry land. 

The beach a red box which I imagine must be a life boat but never thought to investigate.
Beside it a dumped mound of rocks in an attempt to stop the cliff collapsing into a life of sand and water.

Ocean bite in the cliff. The dropped coast grows new life, before its taken by the rough seas.

Cliff cafe looking over the ocean protecting all at sea. 

The promenade raised above the beach. The cliffs have slid and touch the paths edge.

A couple who's clothes have not changed since the 1950's, yet looked dressed up for the prom. Perhaps they are the phantom ghosts of the beach, protecting the beach and sea from" Fracking".

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