Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Oxford am

Oxford in England very early on a cold November morning. After dropping my folks off to the airport at 3 or 4 in the morning. Very close to the airport is Oxford. I went to visit my Aunt and Uncle and it was too early to wake them up. Oxford was very peaceful all the students were sound asleep. The roads were empty and lights were left on in communal areas of buildings. The sky was pitch black, the stone buildings looked like they were a very well painted film set. 

This big door with decorative hinges creaked open moments before the milkman pulled up outside and then he ran in through the open door, he didn't even look over to see me, as if I were the ghost that walked the streets of Oxford at night. 

Giant stone men's busts leered out of the dark shouting at me.
They shouted beware of the Conservative party! They will make everyone dumb and start charging £9000 for tuition fees to go to University and then they will start axing arts courses around the world. Making everything grey and heavy like carbon discoloured statues of marble.
The rich will rule the world badly and the poor and vulnerable shall suffer!

On and on they shouted out the worlds wrongs. 

Windows with wooden shutters along a little lane.

 lamp that lit the way

Wall mounted lamp 

Bridge between buildings passage.

Telephone box and lamp

My back to front Norfolk bonnet, I wore about the town.

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