Thursday, 25 October 2012

Slick or Slack private view

Slick or Slack private view opening night Tuesday the 23 October 2012. Here is one of the artists standing by his work which is the green painting on the left and the red painting on the right. It is a group show and will be up for a month. The Art Project shop/gallery has a new printing machine so prints can be made of the work. In the near future they would like to run art workshops.

Here I am having a laugh with the other artist. I only met everyone on the private view. The gallery is run by a group of people from NANSA and volunteers. They all had a meeting and decided who's work was going to be shown and then a group hung the work. Paper work was done by one of the volunteers. I just had to turn up at the private view which was fantastic. I had done some twittering and face booking of my own for publicity but the gallery did all the proper publicity.

Everyone was offered drinks and nibbles. My friend Ann Nicholls the photographer also know as Dandy Snap came along and her other half Roland.

Lots of discussions were had and everyone had fun.

Volunteers up since 8am hanging the artwork and adding finishing touches.

More fun to be had, Richard had been having fun with the new wall cabinet. Which they hope to put more expensive art materials. At the moment they sell brushes, paint, canvas, frames, art books and lots of very useful art materials.

A reflection in the mirror of the artists and visitors to the gallery.

Richard photographing Sarah Cullum with her dog paintings which she started painting when she went to art college. 

Here is the visitor's book, price list and posters.  

Ladies who came in to look at the work and got very excited by the paintings.

Richard on the left is an abstract painter and also works here at the Art Project Shop.

The gallery filled up with people coming to the exhibition.

A reflection in the window of the art on the walls and the scaffolding outside through the window.

Robert and Ann arrive by bicycle which is the best way to come to an art opening.

Earlham house shops in Norwich is under going some huge renovations which hope to be finished in February but this has not effected the shops like the Art Project Shop.

Stuart Cullum the artist standing with his portrait paintings and Richard photographing him.

Here is the words about the show taken from the website. 

Slick / Slack 24.10.2012

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Eloise O'Hare said...

A comment from Ann Nicholls who found it difficult using my robot code, which I will change soon if I can.

Ann Nicholls It's a great exhibition and I hope the Artshop goes from strength to strength. When the building work around it on all the flats are done all the businesses in Earlham House should have a festival to celebrate, so that more people get to know about the Artshop. I tried to post these comments on your blog but it kept asking me to enter the 'prove you're not a robot' characters again and again so I gave up.