Thursday, 11 October 2012

Hospital arts nomination for a Hostry award

The NNUH hospital arts has been nominated for an Norwich Cathedral Hostry award. Which the Award night is on the 26th of October at 7pm. at the Hostry in the Cathedral. All red carpet, champagne and canopies. £20 per head to watch the winners and losers.
I am tempted to finish making my coat that I started last year. I have had an evening of frock finding with Emma Jarvis running backwards and forwards with more and more clothes, which by the end of the evening of being stuck in a closet of frocks came to the decision that I might be better off in a trouser suit, unless I get poured into an all in one 24 hour girdle.
Shoes is another needle in a haystack falling on fallen arches with feet that only fit supported ancle comfy trainers or fluffy slippers.
My teeth look like they have lived in through some serious poverty which comes with the fact artists rarely get paid. Hair has only been to the hair dressers a handful of times. I remember every occasion like it were yesterday. I been to busy working up to my elbo's in words and paint to have time to worry about my appearance.
So I was thinking and made the suggestion to Emma that we hire a young, pretty model or actress to go and pick up the award, when we win.
Last week a camera woman turned up from Epic studios in Norwich to film Emma and I, in amongst the sculptures and exhibitions out on the hospital street, with all the hospital life going on. She is making a one minute film for the Award night. I hope we get to see the film before it goes out on the big night.
I have been changing all the exhibitions in the corridors, which wasnt anything to do with the awards it was just the timing of new exhibition arrivals. There is large photos of homeless people. Photos of underwater scenes, watercolour paintings of flowers and more paintings. All spanning along 3 floors of the hospital on both sides of the walls.
I can feel the build up to Christmas happening at the hospital as the choirs and pianists get booked in to make the place feel cosy.
The award for the hospital arts is long over do. NNUH is a very arty place to be.

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