Monday, 15 October 2012

St. Margaret church of art 5th year.

Last night I went a long to St. Margaret's church of art 5th year exhibition. It was a full house of exhibitors. Because of my lack of finance and because I do far to much volunteer work. I couldn't afford to exhibit any of my own work and pay the rental space. However a few days ago my good friend Moira who I haven't seen for years purchased some of my paintings in Oz, which brought me back to being normal. Normal as in able to buy food. I saw this art work made by Jon Richmond and had to buy it. The piece is called Van Gogh's other ear. Having had many operations on my ear over the last decade. I can relate to this piece. Its like a certificate to say I can now hear, thanks to my surgeon at the NNUH.
This photo was taken by my friend Ann Nicholl's who is exhibiting her photos at St. Margaret's church of art. Ann also put this photo and a write up on her blipphoto which is a daily photo diary.

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