Friday, 5 October 2012

Bishops garden

Bishops garden in Norwich was open for heritage week. Being on the way to Costume World, which I was cycling to that day, to hire some shoes for a pop video. I thought I would pop into the Bishops garden and see how the land scaped.
Here a pond with a hazard warning, so God cannot save you from the Lilly's and dangerous frogs in his holy garden.

Lapping lawns of holy paradise.

The rose garden. I turn my head away from the delights of pollen heaven.

Even the angels of manicured topiary can not reach these weeds in the gutters of shame.

View to a tree.

Some people have fairies that live at the bottom of the garden, but this Bishop has a house of Angels.

I swung the swing on the old oak tree.

Strange seeds 

Bishops house and a big tree looking out of Norwich.

Bishops ruin.

Raspberry cage.

You can't beet a root.

Looking up at Mulberrys.

Lady in the Bishops row.

Dancing yellow flowers

Robert on the perpetual motion swing machine.

Robert having the time of his life on the Bishops swing

Swinging from the tree kinetically in the Bishops garden.

Scarred of being swung as a human pendulum

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