Thursday, 18 October 2012

Art project shop Slick or Slack exhibition

Next week from the 24th of October for one month. I will be part of a group show at the Art project shop which is located at the Earlham house shops, entrance is at Recreation road and the gallery is next to the Green Grocers. The show is called "Slick or Slack" a show of paintings. Which you might be able to say is it Slick or is it Slack?, is it art? This is the most daring exhibition ever shown in the UK.
I am very excited about showing my work at the "Art Project shop". I recon this gallery is fab, they have big machines for producing really large prints. Also they sell art equipment and they recondition old brushes and sell unwanted paints and equipment. The location of the gallery is great too right in the heart of the golden triangle on Norwich. The Gallery showcases work by people from Nansa and Barrington farm and the wider community and also has training opportunities for young people with various abilities. The whole project relies on sales to stay open so is worth while supporting.

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