Friday, 26 September 2014

Japan workshops at the NNUH part 4

Stamp making workshops in the children's waiting room by my Eel station and lighthouse was all happening. 

Candle making in the Restaurant area of the West Atrium.
Patients, staff and visitors took part. 

Little pigs all colourful candles with a lovely scent. 

Cute animal table cloth with candle workshop on.

Professors teaching the workshops.

Aidan from Nelsons Journey and the Norwich Dandies joined in all the workshops. 

Whats going on here?

A giant eye being made

Doctor Goblin threading teeth

Teeth getting placed in Goblin pond.

Fishing goblin 

Pond Goblin sign

Daichi Konaka with his pond goblin

Dr Goblin (Daichi Konaka) and Aiden 

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