Saturday, 7 August 2010

The Studio Gallery opening "The Norwich Dandies"

Vince Laws artist/poem/blogger and Dugald standing outside The Studio Gallery on upper St.Giles, for the Norwich Dandies 2nd show that ran for three weeks. Gina who owns the studio gallery, kindly lent it to us while he went on holiday to France. Gina was also a special guest exhibitor in the Norwich Dandies show.

My Crucifix sculpture I made for the show, the sculpture was made of reused fabric and wood and had negative words that I have been told repeatedly throughout my life. Someone described them as very victorian words. The sculpture was interactive and people could type up there own words and add them with a pin to the female crucifix. I called it constant crucifixion because although Jesus spent a few days on the cross being crucified, women spend there entire lives being crucified.

The Studio Gallery is very small so we took it in turns on the opening night to be inside.

Last years Mayor came to the opening and people from all over Norwich.

My musician friend Mick Hardy chatting about a stray cat that needs a home.

The typewriter used for typing up the words was of great interest to people as it is a complete Bygone with the computers that took over the world.

My friend Fergie who came along to the opening.

The pinning on of words to crucifix.

Group shot of opening after my life long friend Marilyn from Australia arrived by train from Rome.

Me standing outside The Studio Gallery

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