Thursday, 12 August 2010

NNUH east, third floor, "Cartoon cabernet cabaret corridor, art show!"

NNUH east, third floor Beach board, to remind people to go to the beach this summer. Good old summer sea breeze fresh air.
This summer I got asked to show my work voluntarily, along the corridor at the hospital.. Paintings of the Norfolk coast from memory, sketches of local bands, political cartoons.

A wall of musicians

More beach paintings lets splash out and sea more.

Sketches of musicians playing live, like Jont, Kirstin Hurst and Josh Weller.

Norwich Paintings and newspaper articles and magazine publications.

The theatres hospital band playing at the Norwich arts centre.

Cartoons kept under glass .

Cartoon cabernet cabaret corridor.


Anonymous said...
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Emma said...

Eloise, On behalf of Hospital Arts I am very sorry that you have recieved a somewhat disturbing post. Firstly please let me assure you that this is a minority view which has been inappropriately sent to you. Please let me assure you that the arts in our Hospital is very welcolm and brings a postive distraction for our many staff, patients and visitors. We have many benefactors who we are hugely grateful. All of our work as you know is funded by grant giving organisations and chartiable donations. Many of these donations are recieved from members of the community who have spent time within the Hospital. We are of course taking this post very seriously and will of course be invetigating it - the post of course has an IP address. Please find enclosed our Trust's Social and Media Policy. Your input into Hospital Arts is much welcolmed both as a practising artist and a much valued Hospital Volunteer. Again I am very sorry and hope that you will continue to create fabulous artwork and contribute to the Hospital as a Volunteer. With kindest regards, Emma Jarvis Hospital Arts Coordinator 01603 287870

Robert Rijkhoff said...

Agreed, and good to see something is being done about this. Anonymously leaving insulting comments / personal attacks is about as low as you can go. If you've got a problem with something and you want to make a point then at least have the decency to make yourself known. If you're too feeble-minded to leave your name and contact details then you should probably think twice before taking out personal frustrations on someone else. Show some decency and stop getting so upset about your comments being marked as spam. If anything it prevents you embarrass yourself.