Monday, 13 September 2010

Archaos Circus Band sketches

Archaos Band playing on a boat on the Thames for the Archaos crew reunion. The drawing is signed by the band.

20 year reunion of the world famous Archaos circus at the OXO tower on the Thames in London where there was a large exhibition of photographs, films and press cuttings. Plus nearly all the people that were involved with the circus were there in person, excited as the public to be back together. There were no chainsaws being juggled which the nanny state were in, feared so much by the pen pushers. The circus was never about juggling chainsaws, it was much more then that it was a collective of creative talent from all over the world that brought about a social change. No longer was circus about taming wild animals, it was about letting humans go wild with expression and freedom. The circus was together for only two years, but is still talked about as if they are still happening and the circus had so much impact on anyone that saw the show, it triggered people to go out and show there talent.
I met up with Annabel lines and Chris Axelsen who had flown in especially from Australia to be with there Archaotic family once again. Annabel had not changed in twenty years, she still kept her beauty and glamour. Annabel has kept up her performing since she left the circus and still retains the highest level of talent. Everything she does becomes inspirational for others to copy. The hoola hoop toy business should give her 50 percent of there profits. She has twirled for many years and even toured with Peaches round the world. She has done so many different types of performance that she designed herself, it makes lady Gaga look like she is a child that has been messing around with Annabel's dressing up box.
Chris Axelsen may not be a human cockroach getting running over by motorbikes. He has done many entertaining theatrical shows since Archaos, including helping with the running Sydney CarriageWorks arts centre.

The Archaos band played all the circus tunes and went for it more then any band I have ever seen. The crowd rocked out and danced the night away and screamed "More" so loud, the whole of London would have heard.

Dan on saxophone. Dan is in his own band called the Spanner Jazz punk.

Tony the lead singer.

The Band altogether playing.

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Jane said...

These are great Eloise, the reunion has definitely given me ooomph