Friday, 17 September 2010

Government fund the arts

The time we are in is when the industrial machine age is nearly over. Fossil fuels are running out and according to people in the industry it will run out completely in the next 5 to 10 years. This means there will be even less jobs.
My plan of action is the government backs the arts even more then ever. People will then learn how to use there imagination, the use of there hands, learn craft and traditional skills. There is so little funding in the arts in recent decades I have never seen a penny from it. If I lived in Holland or France I would be given a weekly wage and a pat on the back. In the UK, I volunteer my time as an artist nearly 50 weeks of the year. I make two weeks pay last me a whole year. When the Bishop that came to visit the UK said that the UK was like a third world country I was pleased he said that, because for most of us it is. The divide between rich and poor is enormous. There may be an illusion that poor people are rich because they have a car or TV, but this is just an illusion they took out a loan to pay for it and have become even poorer from the loan gaining interest.
One would hope that the government puts more money towards the arts to get a greater return in jobs and happiness. If not then the richest people in the country should be forced by the government to put some cash into the arts, after all the rich people not long ago use to commission artists to do portraits and murals, plays, music and performance.
If you think the government should at least talk about it. Then please sign the petition here

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