Sunday, 8 August 2010

The studio Gallery "The Norwich Dandies"

The Norwich Dandies at the Studio Gallery show in July. Vince Law's window display of his poetry that is made into paintings and installations.

A map of all our art exhitions all over the city was made into an art trail for Norwich Pride. This is the map stand at the side of the front of the gallery.

The Norwich Dandies A sign Vince Laws made out of old postcards.

The gallery is in view of city hall in the sky line.

The Studio gallery is on a little boutique street that has deli's and house interior shops and gallerys and famous bands live here too.

My series of dogs snorkling under water

Batique willy paintings.

Art in a can and in the back round Hare on the moon.

The corner of the room with my puppets, paintings and detail drawings and on the right is the artist Christina Violet Sabberton pictures.

Constant crucifixion close up of sculpture.

Vince Laws poetical window display "If you dont bat for us you can admire our balls!"

Artist Gina's fake Mondrian painting and my little ones in the window. The cat painting was done to find a home for the stray cat in the painting. Gina's fish, which we had to keep alive while he was away.

The outside of the gallery.

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