Wednesday, 11 August 2010

St. Gregory's Group pride show 2010

St Gregorys in pottergate, Norwich a fine church with a group show for a whole month for Pride. I am reflecting upon my work.

Here I am with a mirrored plinth on which my work sits in the church.

Vince Laws melting into his painting, its hard to tell them apart.

Vince Laws reading his poetry at the alter.

Fashion designer Ruth and Dugald the artist/actor.

Helen Simpson-Slapp pride knitting star and also photographer with Dugald.

My St.Patricks day paintings with snakes.

Rosamond the St.Gregorys arts centre director.

Photographer Rod Penn and artist/Warhol thrash party organiser/Pride arts team Noam

The entrance to St. Gregory's

Candlelit art gallery.

St.Gregory's also serves Tea and cake.

Badger the artist dog posing in his chair installation.

Tea and cake Vicar.

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