Monday, 9 August 2010

Opening Tea lounge exhibition on Ber Street

Eloise's super solo show at the Tea lounge on Ber St, opening night on the 8th of July 2010. The show was opened by Hospital arts coordinator Emma Jarvis. Emma wrote a long speech that caught the hearts of the people at the opening. It was like being handed a book on the show this is your life. I done some much work I should have retired decades ago. But having no money or pension fund is one of the dilemmas of retiring. One project pays for the next. Emma is fabulous and works very hard at the N+N on heaps of projects.

Emma Jarvis cutting the ribbon.

Cousin Sang came along with his friends from the stepping stone project. Sang works at the cathedral and forget me not cafe and does tons of charity work all over the city.

Mike Read International chess master came along to my show. He also made a special effort to come to my show in London last year.

Bass Guitarist Heather Engid Wells from Bright spark the Band, Mick hardy and the Norwich Dandies Christine and Dugald at the Tea lounge opening bar of home made stout beer and lemonade.

Elspeth talking to film and TV set designer Jim O'Hare

Richard the Norwich famous painter hiding out with his mobile and Emma Jarvis and actor Sam Terry.

Mick Hardy enjoying my polenta cakes

Illustrator Kate Green and photographer Andy Midgley talking with Heather.

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