Wednesday, 16 June 2010

The Norwich Dandies exhibition St.Margarets church

The Dandies Exhibition went off in Norwich!! It was a great success all round. It really caught peoples attention from all over the city and some people came from the other side of England and others from abroad came in that were on holiday. People that lived in the same area as the church had not even noticed there was church there till they saw the art work hanging outside. Even the landlord turned up with vicars to see what was going on and two Popes were ordained. Instead of a christening we had a wishing well, which was the first time there was some water in the building. Its a real church with no running water.
As seen in the photo instead of a boring catalog of work, we had an event guide and held many new types of events like human library, poetry readings, travellers picnic, art school student face paintings, out 140, film making, meetings for new events.

We pulled back the wall partitions and made the space really big so people could stand back and see the paintings and to fit the 1042 people who came in to see the work.

This the view of the entrance from where I was sitting so I could see people coming in and look at the bunting flowing in the wind.

Outside Vince Laws paintings with poetry.

The way in through the porch which we covered in cushions and Vince put his poetry books so people could sit and read poems.

My anti war sheets dirty linen found a great home hanging in the garden. Very hard to clean up after a war, the sheets never get clean and peoples memories are ruined with horrible nightmares. Lets hope the new government stops sending young men to be slaughtered soon. So women dont have to have fatherless children and be labeled a widow. It would also save on the prison which has a lot of disturbed x-soldiers.

The board outside with list of events.

St. Margarets Church on St. Benidicts street in Norwich one of 52 churches in Norwich.
The only gallery for contemporary Norwich artistic residence.

My new friend Robert, who does a great job working for the homeless in Norwich. He liked my pictures because they were unique and had something to say.

The Dandies photos and statements, Badger the dog was very popular to with his unmade bed.
The church was a great place for him to meet new doggy friends who admired his work.

Vince curated the show and mixed all the work together which seemed to go very well.
I would have liked to help with the curation but I was seeing off my artist friend Claire who emigrated back to Australia. Claire is going to the centre of Australia which has miraculously turned green from a river breaking free. Claire is an amazing artist and also weaves from natural materials like grass.

My art in a can stack with amazing ceramic pieces by Grant de Jonge on the tomb.

My cartoons mixed in with Vince's poetry and silver body skins that were made in an event workshop.

The rose window made from paper, in the belfry.

A view from above on one of the pillars Christina Violet Sabberton's jelly body prints, on the right Vince's mirror poetry.

A long view from the belfry.

Holly Goldberg and Angela Szczypka final year art students face painting outside in the sunshine garden.

Curious people reading the board and wondering whats going on.

Any age for the face painting. The garden attracted a lot of sun bathing picnic people.

The Norwich Dandies

Visitors’ Comments May 24- June 5, 2010

Best show I’ve seen in St Margaret’s – well done the Dandies!

Love the Norwich paintings by Eloise.

Just what Norwich needs! Marie

Congratulations on a unique show. Stephen Bumfrey, BBC Radio Norfolk

Totally anarchic queer fun! (love the animation of St Benedict’s too) Keiran x [About the posters, bunting, artwork outside]

Paintings are amazing thanks! Love Keren and Alison

Better than the 20 group! (But don’t tell them I said so).

Excellent. The puppets are really scary but cool.

Hi! Laura L. (Thanks for the wrap : ) Here’s to further collaborations. [Musician who played at the launch]

Nice to see something different in Norwich – all good.

Some really powerful work. SA

Excellent to see some conceptual/contemporary work in Norwich. ( >mailing list!!)

Wow! Saint Patrick paintings [Eloise] are amazing + perfect. I will buy them all. Naomi [liar! She didn’t buy any!]

The Art in a Can [Eloise] makes a perfect birthday present for my friend. Thanks, Shelly

Loved the work, the humour, keeping it real. Fran

Well good need more of this Thanks.

Great vigour and colour. I like all the different things used. The fastest thing in Norwich this year – good luck! Mike Chapman

Last time I came I described your exhibition as good. WHAT A CRAP ADJECTIVE. When I left I felt really bad because this exhibition is kick ass ace. I loved all the work. If I was rich I would buy It’s a Boy [Grant] and Sports Flowers 8 [Dugald]. Thank you for inspiring me to be creative productive.

I like that Eloise O’Hare

I love the juxtaposition of ceramics [Grant] next to the cherubs [church].

I would use the ‘interesting’ word but think I better steer clear of that one!

A good range of work, right across the spectrum. Very energetic – well curated! Fun too. LC

Excellent use of the space – always too bitty in here – look at the stained glass window – I’ve never noticed it before.

V good. Particularly like small Grant Dejonge paintings on the back wall [8 x twisted scenes]

It’s interesting to see a collection of work based purely on Pride – normally we focus on pride being a bad thing so it’s good to see something different. [there’s one Norwich Pride banner on the railings!]

Fabulous. If I had money I would have spent it. Ruth x

Such a brilliant show – great to see such a range of pieces. Really adds something to our fine city. Nick O’B

Interesting. Brilliant display of humane beings coming together in warmth + love. Very innovating. Paul. Smile [he came first to the Human Library, borrowed 2 books, came back for poetry readings, and again to vote in new Popes]

Something changed today… change is good – thank you xxxxxx

Great display, love the crop circle. [Mark’s piece]

Thanks very much for the HIV poem. [Vince performed Human for this visitor]

Most original + thought provoking. JG

We had a good visit. Thanks Dandies. [Artists Gaia Shaw & Sam Epps, changing spaces, they drew on a huge sheet of paper unrolled in the church for 2 days]

I think what you’ve done is really brilliant. Lucy [She came in to Human Library. Came back in week to ask about holding HL in Yarmouth, and to ask Vince to perform there]

A great display, much thought provoking interesting different a quiet location with time to think Steve

Very many thanks Michael Wingate

Thought provoking art and very child friendly [Shelly Telly film day]

Love the sun Pippa Croft

Very interesting, esp medication box messages [Vince’s poem Human]

The most colourful + filled exhibition I have every seen in this building.

Grant. Excellent unique art + sculptures. You’re really talented. Wonderful + creative. V e Smit

Very nice stuff, very inventive - Chelsea Morgan and Mary Messenger [The 12 yr old child on the mobile in heels]

Very good - Loved the Wedding album! Cat Mara X

I did not know what to expect but was surprised by it all [In a good way] - SEC

Hi Vince, Pope Philippa came into wish you good luck with your performance tonight.

Came across the exhibition by accident. Found Vince's work very thought provoking. I wish you luck - and to everyone involved - Jen

I enjoy the show and busyness however I don't think this busyness works with all the work. The works that use text I find brave and I love the ceramic works at the back. Good luck. - 'The Nine'

Liked the scissor sculpture in the corner. The fuck it. [Grant’s]

Loving the vibrant colours, the spiderman, superman/ woman, The castle and flowers bluebells - very well put together. Fabulous!

The colours are splendid everything is brought alive especially the spiderman, the bishop and I love Lynda Carter the wonderwoman. A most impressive display.

Amazing thank you for putting on such a great show! Hope you can do it again soon!


d i l i p said...

Really amazing! Wish the photos were a little larger though. Really encouraging comments from the visitors too. Great! :)

Eloise O'Hare said...

Bigger original pictures in reality. I put some sketches of Bandra up at the hospital exhibition this week. I had to take down my naughty cartoons, which offended the big bosses.

julie said...

julie hansen from LA loves your work.

A true artist from the bottom of her heart. Your artwork makes me smile. It is alive.