Tuesday, 1 June 2010

The Norwich Dandies first art opening

The opening night on the 24th May 2010 of the Norwich Dandies art group. Here the group is being tied up by Pequilia Bigtopp, the start of the group is me, Vince Laws, Grant Dejonge, Christina, Sabberton, Mark Scott Wood, Dugald Ferguson, Ole Skauge and badger the dog.

Opening speech by Marcus Dickey Horley the Tate Gallery curator.

Marcus Dickey Horley cuts the red ribbon and opens the show. He also kindly help me hang the last few pictures on the walls and said he loved my work.

Mirror above my Poo peril jewellery, so people can try the prize jewels on.

Poo perils in display cabernet.

Stained glass window in St. Margaret's church where the exhibition is held.

Punch and Judy puppets hanging out in the window.

St.Patrick's painting's up in a crucifix fashion.

Outside the church my anti war dirty linen and Vince Laws paintings. The For Sale sign stirred up the landlord of the church. Who came marching in to see the show after seeing the sign.

A wishing well to collect donations to the show, that make wishes come true. Peoples comments have been very postitive so far, one person said the show changed there life and lots of people bellow out laughter as they walk around the show. So if your need cheering up plenty of work here to keep you happy. Show is up till the 5th of June. Open 10 till 5pm daily.

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