Sunday, 13 June 2010

Cromer Crab and Lobster festival auction on the Pier

Rain, hale, sunshine and a storm still people came from all over the countryside to bid for the Crabs and Lobsters that were being actioned off for charity.

Marian O'Hare in all weather gear ready to bid for many lobsters, even bidding for her Australian grand daughters.

My Lobster Sweet 16, looking up at everyone arriving and the Hotel de Paris, wondering who is going to be her new owner

John holding up Vince Laws the poem, lobster that was living at the Wellington pub.

Aunty Alex Walker my fan from Bristol that came to the auction with her grand daughter Bobelle landlady of the Pheasant pub in Keyston in Huntingdon. Bobelle was camera shy.

Uncle Gray Walker from Bristol, with Sweet 16 lobster.

Cousin Catherine Metcalf with me and Sweet 16 lobster. Catherine helped organise the festival and discovered me, to paint the lobster.

Two town criers one from Cromer and one from Sheringham, a historic moment as the two seaside towns join forces to raise money for the lifeboats and the heroes.

Harry Potters magic stick raises the prices on the bidding at the auction.

This little girl picked out my lobster, she liked it. As the lobster had my childhood memory's of being on the beach at Cromer she could relate to the Lobster.

The lobsters have taken over the pier. Here they are all lined up and ready to be auctioned off.

My Lobster sitting waving at people with the view of the waves and theatre behind. The Lobster is placed next to the cafe that I got my first job at in Norfolk, 50p an hour more then I get paid now as an artist. Both jobs working at the cafe and painting the lobster could not be done in the rain.

The Auctioneer in the middle on a ladder came all the way from Alysham auction house to help sell of the lobsters for charity. Raising thousands of pounds. Thanks to Cromer carpets for sponsoring my Lobster at the beginning of the festival. Thanks to all the publicity in the Cromer Times, Cromer crabline, the map, the festival programme. I will be in Cromer doing a giant mural this summer so get your brushes out if you would like to join in.

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