Monday, 14 June 2010

Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital exhibition

A new exhibition at the Norfolk and Norwich University hospital is up and along the corridor of the third floor, East block. My art work stretches along the walls and has many styles and themes and three of my giant detailed drawings can keep people amused for hours. The show will be up for three months, but I may swap work around at the end of June. So I can put some of the work in other exhibitions in Norwich. But hope to have lots of new paintings finished by then. I am now in the middle of painting a mural that will go up in ENT waiting room, which is the department that gave me a new ear so I can hear.
If you would like to buy any work at the hospital please contact me directly as the hospital staff are very busy. All funds go towards me being able to do more volunteer time there.

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d i l i p said...

Thats awesome! Good luck with the exhibition. And I am *really* interested in seeing the mural. Will keep watching this space. :)