Wednesday, 30 June 2010

A month of art in Norwich

"Eloise, to sell work these days means your a successful artist". Says art critic Leon from London art blog. Well some say talent has something to do with it, but I recon its complete and utter dedication, which means giving up just about most of the cake and working day and night for 28 years, while seeing everything, talking to everyone and along the way taking any awful job that pays some cash towards to paints and frames. For the past year I have given the art the all and not taken on any jobs to pay for the paints. Which has thrown me in deeper to the art world and taken me to so many places I would have never thought of going to. From furniture design, murals, book illustration, animation, environmental festivals, sculpture, different country's. Last month I got launched into my own city with the New Dandies group show. Which led to sales and 4 more exhibitions in Norwich.
The first one went up the same day I took the Dandies down and his lining the corridor of the NNUH hospital on the 3rd floor, east wing in glass cases and will be on show for several months.
Then on friday the 2nd July, 6pm is the opening of the Proud exhibition at St. Gregory's arts centre in Pottergate, a group show of proud artists from all over Norfolk this show is on for a whole month and the Proud show will also be holding lots of arts events in that month.
On the 8th is my Solo show opening at the Tea lounge at 6pm on Ber St, up from John Lewis. Which will be up from the 2nd to the 31st of July.
Then at the Studio Gallery on upper St. Giles, the 2nd Dandies show opening night on the 13th of July and this show will be up for 3 weeks.

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d i l i p said...

Great to know its all going good! Been a few days since I visited your blog, was busy finishing a gallery on Fort Kochi, a place in Kerala, India.

I really like what you have written - "complete and utter dedication" - which is so true, and its good to see it paying off! Best wishes! :)