Saturday, 2 June 2007

Puppet family Portraits

When I came back from Australia to cold and grey Britain in 2002 I made lots of puppet portraits as Christmas presents for friends and family. This weekend I found some of the photos when clearing out the studio…

Verily Anderson is my eccentric author-granny. RIP 1915-2010

Verily Anderson trying to strangle her puppet

Emma Jarvis is my singer-songwriter neighbour.

Emma Jarvis

Marian O’Hare is my artistic-flower-arranging mum.

Marian O'Hare

Dan Hillman is my Irish hobby horse creator friend.

Dan Hillman showing off his puppet

I’ll soon be doing puppet portraits again, my new website.

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Tom Stephenson said...

Hello Eloise - I've just written a blog about your eccentric grandma, and Joyce Grenfell's hat, and I came upon your blog when looking for pictures of Verily. (I've known A.A. for years, but she doesn't talk to me these days - something to do with a text I must have sent when drunk. I don't remember it, but that's not unusual. Oh well.)