Thursday, 13 May 2010

Norwich bid for culture

Norwich the city of culture had a big meeting last week at the Open (old Barclay's bank). The meeting had over a hundred people at it. All from different aspects of the city from music, writing and the arts. It was the longest meeting I had ever been to starting at 9am and finishing 6pm. It was a nice event with tea and coffee on arrival and familiar people, networking before the meeting even started. I thought I might be on my own for the meeting but I got approached straight away by a lady called Shelly Telly saying "hey you were the winner of the Warhol competition". It was so early in the morning, I was trying to think back to whether I was at Andy Warhol's warehouse in the 60's which I knew so much about and had lived in so many warehouses I could have almost been there. Then she reminded me, I was the winner of the Warhol rejects costume competition last year. So I had a friend now to sit with in a large daunting meeting. We all sat in a circle, then had to write down all the things we were passionate about and topics we thought should be brought up and stick them on the wall. Which took a while to make sense. Then we had to chair small meetings at different times. I had none to chair at that time so I went in and sat in someone else's meeting. Which I was attracted to the name of and thought I might be able to have input on. More people joined the are group and it grew. Then I went and joined a meeting about artists space, which was one of my topics. I met a painter who knew my family and had heard all about me. We tried to come up with what we actually wanted. Then lunch broke out and we had a big feed. Then I went for a tour of the building which was usually for the youth of Norwich. It was the best equipped youth club one could not even imagine the great equipment and rooms, services they got at 'OPEN'.
Then after lunch we continued meetings and then typed up all our notes and put them on the wall. So before the next meeting, we had to do one thing to help towards the next meeting. So I put my work on the Norwich city of culture website.

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