Monday, 30 January 2012

Portrait of a painter

Last weekend I went along to have my photo taken at the Castle pub in Norwich. Antonella Muscat a Maltese photographer living on the East coast of Norfolk has collaborated on a project with Shelly Telly. The project is called Inside out, which is part of an International project. All over the world people have the photos taken and then have them made really big and put up in random places. The photos should tell a story about the person and the life they have lived. Shelly has made the project be part of pride and in the small time frame she took Antonella to the places that Pride people might hang out. Like the local radio station for Pride live. Antonella took some great photos of everyone and then made them Black and white. I took a few props along and so she took an extra photo of me being an artist. Which is the colour photo above. The black and white photo will be on the Inside out website with hundreds of other photos from around the world and there will soon be a large print out, which will be put up somewhere in Norwich.