Saturday, 13 April 2013

Eaton Park in Spring

Eaton Park in Spring time.
Everyday I like to have a wander or run, cycle through Eaton Park. There is a short cut from Unthank road by the old red post box, down the holly tree lane, left at the white horses head, past the lamp post with 3 sevens on it. Turn right on to Sotherton road, then left on Parameter Road by the chip shop. Then across the road and your by the boating lake which has Swans, ducks, seagulls and on Wednesdays has a boat club of remote control boats and little sailing boats. Boating lake has boat people are of all ages. You can take your boat down there any day. To the right of the lake is the "Miniature railway" which open on Sunday afternoons between 1pm and 5pm. The railway is run by some very keen engineers that keep the trains tip top shape. The park has fountain centred in a rose garden to have a quiet sandwich and bask in the sun. There is a row of bowling greens bowlers meet on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 2pm. By the bowling green is an enormous kids playground with all the fun climbing things and swings.  
Family's have picnics next to the playground. In the centre of the park is a band stand that plays music all year round and sometimes live. I have heard amazing musicians practise there instruments with no complaints from the public who sit and listen. In the round is a cafe open after spring and some public toilets. The park also has go-carts, skate boarding, pitch and put, tennis, golf, rugby, cricket, football and a little woods, running, fitness, walking, BMX and kite flying. For a city centre park its got a lot of activities and nature. Check out my photos published in i-witness news here.

Whistle Before proceeding at the miniature railway.

More up grades to the railway line. 

Little blue flowers in the wood.

Railway track making its way through the park.

Daisy's growing along the track.

Little Daisy with red spot in yellow centre.

Little wooden tracks and rails.

Heather growing in every shade of pink.

Railway sign open every Sunday after Easter till September after 1pm. Take your kids along to have a go on the trains. I think its about 50p a train journey. I think this train would be fab public transport in the centre of Norwich. 

Seagull in flight across boating lake.

More heather in another shade of pink.

Ducks floating on the water pre fight.

Lake changes colour everyday all year round with the changing Sky's and light.

Quake attack. Duck fight.

White horses head on the short cut journey to park.

Arched door on house before shortcut lane to park.

Pillar box at the short cut to park.

Windows that match the door of the house near the holly lane.

The shortcut with Holly trees all the way down.

The three 777's on a post on the way to park.

Turn right onto this Sotherton road.

More tracks and flowers along the train line.

Chip shop turn left here. Head down the road to park. Beware of cars when crossing the road, they think its a race track.

Giant buttercup flower in someones garden on Unthank road.

Mystical woodland.

Cones and flowers

White little flowers.

Model railway on exhibition at Hellsdon school. 

Blue flowers and pine needles.

Parkside station train stop.

Spring daffodils hanging out in gang looking seedy.

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