Friday, 24 May 2013

Sketches of Mikelangelo and The black sea gentlemen

Sketches of Mikelangelo The black sea gentlemen multi award winning show all the way from the east of Europe. This sketch I took backstage after the show and got it signed by all of the band. 

Guildo piano accordion player.  The band played on stage in the Spiegal tent at Chapelfield gardens, Norwich for the N and N festival.

Guildo piano accordion player telling his story.

Guildo piano accordion player 

Rufino rattling with rhythm and bowing the fiddle along to the gypsy waves.

Mickelangelo sketches 

 Mickelangelo sketches 

Mickelangelo sketches building up to the group drawing

Guildo playing so many instruments 


Mikelangelo breaks a guitar string and does some super dance moves. 

The Great Muldavio snaps his fingers and its all happening.

Little Ivan on Double base.

Another of Little Ivan with his Double base. 
Check out the music on there website here
The drawings were published in local Norfolk rag on line today 
Look forward to seeing the band again they were fantastic.

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