Friday, 1 August 2014

Jay Scrimshaw Guerrilla Kitchen #bunlove

Cousin Taffy and Jay were cooking off at the Forum in Norwich for an outdoor catering 
competition. Not just Burger and chips anymore.

Proper restaurant food out on the street.

Taffy and Jay Scrimshaw use to run there own pub/restaurant in Keyston and won prizes for running a top notch place. Out on the street there up against a field of foodies. 

I have seen Jay cook outside at family parties and he loves it. Last year we had a tree house party in woods. 

BBC look east ran a story on the Street food. I was out shopping with Taffy and Jays children and my Aunt we had to rush home to see there parents on TV round at my folks house. 

I  took some photos for Taffy and Jay of the TV. Look out for the Guerrilla kitchen they do regular out door events in Cambridge but can do your event anywhere. 

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