Thursday, 29 January 2015

Norwich Rising 2015

I suppose your wondering why Norwich Rising is in its 3rd year. Well after loosing a female friend to domestic violence and having several hundred friends and family injured and some severely injured for life by violent men maybe I have good reason to continue Norwich rising. I am not the only person that knows women that have had violent attacks, everyone does because its one in 3 women that have some kind of violent attack happen to them in the world. I can't compare it to anything else because there isn't anything else as bad as this happening in the world. Women welcome and children as well as men that love them.
Learn the Break the chain at the Silver rooms on Silver road in Norwich, NR3 4 TB
1st of February and 8th February at 3pm. There might also be a rehearsal on the 13th February in the evening before the main event at the Forum on the 14th February at 1pm. This event is happening in Norwich but there is also events all over the world if you take a look at the One Billion rising website.

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