Monday, 22 June 2015

The Goob Sketches Cinema City

The Goob film set in Norfolk with total Norfolk actors with real Norfolk accents  was finally shown at Cinema City in Norwich after spending some time travelling around the world and winning awards at film festivals. The film was raw and realistic showing another side to the horrors of the supermarket industry. Supermarkets creates low prices for the consumer but no money for the growers and workers.  
The film was really well made showing some wonderful shots of Norfolk scenery as well as creating a swirling camera effects and well cast film.
In the sketch above the director Guy Myhill is answering questions about the film.  After the film was shown and the director, producer and actors were brought on stage for a Q and A with the audience. I drew each person when it was there turn with the microphone hence why they are all holding the microphone. Also capturing some of the cinema audience which was made up of friends of the film or people who worked on the film. 

I knew two of the Actors, Sean Harris who I was in the film the "Brothers of the Head"  in 2004 which was a film also set in Norfolk. I got on well with Sean Harris during the making of the film Brothers of the head. Also a brilliantly cast film. I am still friends with some of the cast today. Also I am very good friends with Boo also know as Fergie in real life or Martin Ferguson. Fergie has been a ceramic artist and then a plasterer and then a builder, now an actor. He has worked on several of my families homes. But he is also an amazing character and very unique with a great imagination. 
 The sketches are signed by everyone apart from the Goob and Fergie, whom I will catch up with soon to sign it. I will frame them and put them in my next exhibition at the Silver rooms New Community hall on Silver Road in Norwich. 

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