Monday, 7 May 2007

Rebecca Hillman

Rebecca Hillman has been a lifelong friend who has recently started living the good life. Several years ago I helped her with the foundations of her farmhouse in rural Ireland she lives in. She now lives the crafts and farm life.

Rebecca Hillman busy living the good life in Ireland

She is in particular very good at making felt, looking after goats and entertaining her children with exciting craft ideas.

This is a piece of felt made by Rebecca HillmanMeanwhile her husband Dan is either in the woods with the free range pigs or making hand crafted hobby horses in his cow shed.

Hobby horse creator Dan Hillman working away in the cow shed

Rebecca has blogged her way through the good life and is showing the world how you can be free. Her blog is very interesting, you can buy her books from the book shop on the right hand side of my blog.

Up date: Since this blog was written Rebecca and Dan are not together, but Dan still makes hobbie horses and Rebecca still runs her small country farmhouse, makes art, writes and does shiatsu health care. Rebecca uses her maiden name Allen. 


Rebecca said...

Woohoo, thanks for writing about me mate. I actually sound quite interesting on paper/pc, don't I! I hadn't really stopped to think about it all, but yes, we are very very happy growing our own food and crafting / cottage industrying for our income, it can all be a bit stressful and hectic, but all worthwhile. Thanks for helping to put down those foundations in the early days ... gotta have good foundations to build on.
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Sarah said...

Hello, Eloise! I'm glad to find you blogging - blame Rebecca, whose blog I also like.

I'm also a person who likes to make things that I need. Right now I'm playing medievally in order to figure out some of the making, and I have a blog about that, but also one about my 'green' homestead efforts.

Cat said...

Hi Eloise, I just found your blog through Rebecca's which I've been reading for a while. I really like your paintings, especially the shaking dog!
I was scrolling back through your posts and saw you live in Norwich. You're the first Norwich blooger I've found! I'm at UEA at the moment, doing an Ecology degree. I finish in a couple of weeks, just have my final exams now.
Keep up all the good work, I'll definitely be back.
Best wishes, Cat

Cat said...

blogger not blooger! hehehe