Sunday, 30 September 2007

Year 2000 Calendar "Centre for Women's health " (4)

And finally October to December...
Oil pastels on paper

October 2000 - Respect NAIDOC. This was a parade a parade I was involved in. The image shows ribbon dancers and the people are wearing lyrebird hats and masks - both symbols of the local Aboriginal tribe.

Calendar - October 2000

November 2000 - A pregnant woman dropping her baggage out of a hot air balloon and flying higher.

Calendar - November 2000

December 2000 - A family Christmas on the beach. An Australian tradition of making the whole family wear the same coloured clothes on the beach so they are easy find and look out for. Here the family are wearing purple and with green spots. The tree in the background are called Norfolk pine. 

Calendar - December 2000

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