Tuesday, 25 September 2007

Year 2000 Calendar, Centre for women's health

In 1999 I worked at a women’s health centre in Australia. The centre focused on the needs of women suffering from domestic violence and took calls from the whole Southern Hemisphere. They offered counselling, aroma therapy, meditation, public speaking training and much more.
I was brought in to teach art. It was very moving to see how the women turned suppressed feelings into art. They produced brilliant work, which was exhibited in a prestigious city gallery. This raised lots of money, so that I could continue my work at the centre.
I was asked to make a brochure and a range of cards that summed up what domestic violence is about. The cards were then turned into a calendar. The first three months are below; the rest will follow in the next couple of days.
I think being creative is what we should hold on to and do. We shouldn’t let anyone stop us. The centre is the only one like it in the world, which I think is a shame. There should be one in every town.
January 2000 – Women under a waterfall letting all their negative emotions wash away.

Calendar - January 2000

February 2000 – A woman hugging a tree surrounded by nature.

Calendar - February 2000

March 2000 – Women smelling the roses. When in despair we rise out of our real selves. Touching a plant and smelling flowers brings us back to earth and relieves the pain.

Calendar - March 2000

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