Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Norwich Dandies at the "Well being festival"

The "Well being festival" at the Forum library in Norwich was a great success today. The Norwich Dandies took care of the creative spirit with lots of art and poetry informal workshops to choose from. Vince Laws went up to every person at the festival and asked them to think of what well being meant to them. He then created a painting of words. There was creative poetry in the tent and plastic waste chandeliers to be made. The favourite was the dressing up box wardrobe, dressing like a Norwich Dandie and posing for a random artist from the audience to paint or draw. In this photo some Norwich teens gave a whirl at drawing a young model in a crazy wig and pink jacket.
If you would like to hire the "Norwich Dandies" for your festival, to do public art workshops, please do get in touch.

Here the talented Norwich teens and young girl who modelled for them, with there fabulous painting which looks very Manga style.

Norwich Dandie Dugald posed in tails and bunny ears as an Alice in wonderland favourite for this talented young artist to draw.

The Norwich Dandies watch a young master at work painting her sister.

Here the young Norwich Dandie sisters show off the amazing painting.

The sisters swap roles and the artist becomes the model.

This is me with my keep sketch of Norwich Dandie Dugald posing on the chaise longue

A group of talented Norwich teens with there group drawing.

More talented teens with there group painting.

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