Sunday, 10 October 2010

Stop Junk Mail stickers

Stop junk mail the non-profit organisation that spends everyday trying to figure out how to stop junk mail coming through your door, which I support whole heartily and give them cartoons to use for there cause. Has come up with a new "Door sticker" design that would appeal to everyone. They spent months working on the design and it is now for sale on there website and blog. I would recommend everyone get one and get a few to give to your neighbours or to your colleagues at work. They also appeal to older people who may have trouble bending down to pick up the junk mail from the door mat or think there might be someone at the door every ten minutes every time the junk mailer hits the flap or comes up the garden path. The stickers are only available at "Stop junk mail" on the internet, so get one for someone you know who is on the net. There also getting calls from neighbourhood watch groups who are very interested in getting the stickers for there groups.
Also they sell eco envelope reuse labels, return to sender labels and have stacks of information and help on the website. Please support the cause for the price of a raffle ticket. Go to

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