Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Junk mail is over.

This month has been mega for junk mail there has been some major changes. Which will help the rainforest's breath again. You can find out more by going to the stop junk mail website.

Throughout the campaign I have been helping with art. These are just a few of my cartoons that are on the stop junk mail website.

The rainforest that get cut for wood chip for your fitted formica kitchens, toilet paper and junkmail paper, there are loads of different types of trees and millions of insects, animals, birds, plants that have not even been identified before, they get bludgeoned to death and pulped.
Trees are not the only thing that is devastated its the communities, animals, insects and the forests that help the planet breath.

Stop junk mail has still more to do there is a petition to try change the law involving op out boxes.

If you feel like you dont believe it, unless you see statistics, there is plenty of that on the website. On the website there is also links to the stop junk mail blog and diary.

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