Thursday, 21 June 2012

Pride 2012 Alternative Fancy dress party

Norwich Dandies Presents an Royal Pride party at the Loft NR1 with Alternative fancy dress.
There is so much happening in one night that the poster is barely readable. If you would like to have a copy of the poster then go to the facebook page and there is some A4 sized ones to download, which is readable.
The party starts at 5pm after the main stage Norwich Pride event at the forum a short walk down the hill towards the railway station on a parallel road to Prince of Wales road and your at 80 Rose Lane.
There will be films, music, slides, photos, poems, sketches, dance competitions, costume competitions, acoustic musicians and a band called Lebowski.
Peculia Bigtopp will be there too.
Vince laws writing poetry and showing off his amazing Tate modern Plaques. Dugald Ferguson will be making a pit stop tour from his euro tour to show us his theatrical talent. Chrissy Violet will be marching in with an amazing film Jerrica made with her friend Diane. Ann Nicholl's the official Norwich Pride photographer and Royal Dandy photographer will be flashing on screen shots of amazing photos.
Adam Dean karaoke king has some songs to giggle along with.
Mick Hardy the legend political singer song writer will have you in stitches on the floor.
Trudy Howson the official Olympic poet will be kicking the poetry in the chilled out lounge of the first floor.
Dj Ruski has many tunes to bring out the grooves in your dancing feet.
DJ Rkey with the Pride mix taking the dance beat through to the midnight moon.
Eloise O'Hare will be spontaneously sketching the happenings around her in time to the music.
Kimberley Moore has some delightful songs to sing.
Maids and butlers will be serving up the tipples.
£2 on the door or a donation to Norwich Pride. 5pm till Midnight 28 July 2012

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