Saturday, 9 June 2012

The real Jenny Lind in Norwich

The store room at the NNUH is being archived and cleaned up again. I went along to a NNUH hospital arts volunteers, cup of tea and slice of cake at a tearoom in Norwich and met the large gang of volunteers. All the people were working on different areas of the archiving and administration of antique photos, paintings, machines and scalpels that were retrieved from the old hospital before it got renovated into flats.
Ken who has been volunteering for as long as I have, said he had seen the real Jenny Lind in amongst the archives. A few years ago, I put a picture up after I had cleaned out the store room, that I thought was the real Jenny Lind and it turned out to be a different performer from the same time. It seems to get a lot of interest from people researching Jenny Lind, that I thought it be nice to have the real one on my blog. Thanks Ken for emailing the photo over to me.


Tom Stephenson said...

'Jenny Lind' was the name originally given to all the rotating, powered stone-polishers, because they spun round and round.

Eloise O'Hare said...

Hi Tom,
I wonder if a hospital surgeons drill polisher, might have the same name.
Thanks for sharing that info. The Jenny Lind fans are going to love that and the archiver and sorter volunteers at the NNUH.