Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Dinosaur puppet show Erth 2012 Norwich

Dinosaur puppet show came to Norwich and drew an enormous crowd of children and family's.
The Dinosaurs came all the way the way from Australia and everyone really adored them.

Dinosaur has been practising to play for Norwich city football.


Kid participating in feeding the hungry dinosaur.

Dinosaur has a lovely smile.

Cover your ears the screaming children.

Very brave girl gets a dinosaur biting her head.

Dinner time these carnivores like meat very fresh

Watch the giant tail.

Giant dragon fly over the millions of Norfolk children.

Emma having so much fun at the Norfolk and Norwich festival.

 Knock, Knock, who's there? When is a door, not a door.

This Dino is checking out the crowds

 Watch out its a naughty Dino is on the move.

Its behind you!!!!!!

Thirsty work entertaining millions of children.

Mini mini mini bus tours of the festival.

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